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Since July 2011, KM Installations has been providing Amazon’s South African office with high-quality office chairs, as well as on-going churn management and relocation services.

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Over the past two decades, has grown into one of the largest online retailers, with hundreds of millions of active users around the world.

Preferred supplier of office chairs

To date, KM Installations has supplied Amazon’s Cape Town-based Development Centre, which includes a 2,500-seat contact call centre, with over 1,000 office chairs.

Like all our office furniture, the chairs are ergonomically designed and manufactured to extremely high quality standards. This is especially important in environments like call centres, where staff typically remain seated for long periods.

In the case of Amazon’s call centre, our chairs keep agents comfortable and properly supported during their shifts, preventing strain and reducing the risk of health and safety claims.

K-Mark office chairs also come with a five-year guarantee, giving Amazon peace of mind that they’re purchasing a quality product and won’t face costly disruptions due to breakages.

Continuous on-site assistance

A member of the KM Installations team works onsite at the Amazon offices, assisting Amazon’s Facilities Department in providing general maintenance services on a daily basis. For example, these services include required plumbing, electrical repairs and access control.

Complete solution for office moves

As a specialist in corporate churn, KM Installations provides Amazon’s Cape Town Development Centre with a complete solution to office moves and facilities management.

Our KM Installations team handles all moves within Amazon’s Cape Town building, dismantling, moving, and reinstalling office furniture and screens as and when needed. It also packs furniture stock in the organisation’s furniture store.

KM Installations services differ in several respects from those of a removal company. When we relocate a department, we don’t just move the furniture – we also help employees settle in, hanging pictures and whiteboards, moving heavy items and performing any needed repairs.

For example, our team can assist staff by changing locks, installing power poles, installing desk-based and free-standing office screens, moving cupboards, hanging cupboard rails, fitting shelves and removing empty boxes.

Our “handy man” services take care of all the little snags that would otherwise disrupt operations and prevent Amazon employees from focusing on their work.


KM Installations

At KM Installations, we have well over a decade of experience in meeting the relocation and churn management needs of leading South African companies.

In any large organization, it’s inevitable that office furniture needs will change as individual employees join or leave, teams are reconfigured or whole departments are changed or moved. As office moving professionals, we specialise in meeting these needs quickly and efficiently, minimising downtime and freeing employees to get on with business.

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