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What KM Installations does for Discovery Health

Since 2008, a crew managed by Mr Razaak Fakier and consisting of 12 KM Installations staff have worked at the Discovery Health premises. They handle all office moves within the building, minimising disruptions to Discovery Health staff and making sure that everything proceeds smoothly and securely.

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KM Installations is proud to handle all office moves and churn in Discovery Health’s head office in Sandton.

Managing office furniture

As part of the continuous service it provides, the KM Installations team at Discovery Health dismantles, moves and reinstalls office furniture and screens. This may be necessary when individual employees join or leave the organisation, teams are reconfigured or whole departments are changed or moved.

KM Installations also packs furniture stock in the organisation’s furniture store.

Getting staff up and running

KM Installations goes far beyond simply moving furniture. It oversees relocations in full, doing whatever is required to get staff “up and running” in their jobs as soon as possible.

For example, the team changes locks, repairs furniture, hangs artwork and whiteboards, installs power poles, moves cupboards, fits shelves and install rails in cupboards. If Discovery Health employees need help repositioning heavy items or discover any snags after moving, we’re also there to assist.

Providing continuous on-site assistance

At Discovery Health in Sandton, we provide a help desk that staff can call whenever they need immediate on-site service. Say a staff member urgently requires a file that’s locked in a cupboard, and the key has been misplaced. We’re there to help straight away.

In addition, a team of four KM Installations members is on call at Discovery Health to set up meeting rooms with whatever furniture and seating configurations are required.

Instead of spending time setting up office spaces, hauling furniture around or troubleshooting problems, Discovery Health employees can get on with the jobs they’re trained to do.

According to Discovery Health’s Training and Logistics Manager, Juanita Erasmus, “They are a great team and have added a tremendous amount of value [to Discovery Health]. I am privileged to have them on site with us.”

One of our KM Installations branch managers, Mr Brett Dixon, oversees our work for the Discovery Health Sandton office and attends site meetings there on a weekly basis.

How KM Installations has benefited

Thanks to our partnership with Discovery Health in Sandton, KM Installations has been able to employ a number of previously disadvantaged staff, boosting our BEE ratings and equipping people with valuable skills.

Working for one of South Africa’s most successful corporations has also given us valuable experience, adding to our expertise in managing office churn and office moves throughout South Africa.

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