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Running a business is challenging in itself, but ensuring it steams ahead and makes a tidy profit requires energy, acumen and a little help from some friends.

We outline 10 productivity tools that may save you time and money.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is intelligent voice recognition software that allows you to use your voice – live and recorded – to control your PC, search the net, send emails, launch apps and create documents. It interacts with key Windows programs like Word, Excel and Outlook, enabling you to complete tasks in double quick time.

Edison Assistant

The Edison Assistant app is your virtual PA. It takes care of all minutiae in your work and personal life so that you can focus on core business. It manages your calendar and email accounts, identifies correspondence that needs your attention, and connects you to the apps and services you need to function at your peak.


FreshBooks is a user-friendly cloud accounting app purpose-designed for small business. It’s a feature-rich solution with excellent reporting functionalities, an online payment gateway, and fast and efficient invoice, time and expense tracking capabilities.


Hootsuite is a must-have management tool for social media marketing strategists. Its core management and analytics features allow users to effortlessly manage marketing strategies across multiple social media platforms from one intuitive interface. Advanced publishing, monitoring and integration capabilities streamline and simplify the process of connecting with clients in the social media space.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform that effortlessly integrates with the likes of Salesforce, Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics. It automates and refines lead tracking, stores and organises business-to-client communications, and controls the activity and performance of the CRM team on one dashboard.


The award-winning Pocket app is a convenient ‘read it later’ content solution. It integrates with popular online services, and allows you to save articles, videos and podcasts on any device. You can create clean versions of articles, devoid of ads and graphics, and immerse yourself in prime content in your own time, and on- and offline.


Pushbullet is a handy notifications management app and browser plug-in. It bridges all devices, and allows you to transfer files and links from one device to another. You can view and manage text messages on your smartphone, laptop or desktop; mute notifications from one or more sources, and use the Channels feature to push news and updates to interested parties.


Quip is a cloud-based task management tool that supports remote team work in real-time. Users can create, share and edit task lists, documents, slides and spreadsheets, and chat with each other at the same time. Once tasks are completed and checked off the list, the rest of the team is automatically notified. Quip is available for mobile and the web, and operates on- and offline.


Shift is the go-to guy when you manage multiple Gmail accounts. It’s a clean desktop client that allows you to seamlessly switch between accounts without having to log-in and log-out. You can sync notifications with your calendar, access documents on Drive, and tap into your favourite apps with just one click.


TMetric is a cross-platform time management tool that tracks individual worker activity, billable hours, and project costs. It ensures employees are paid according to attendance and performance, and projects are completed on time and within budget. Easy integration with dozens of business apps supports the continuous workflow required for optimal productivity.

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