office furniture budget

Even with a limited office furniture budget, there are things you do to ensure your office space is comfortable and looks professional.

For any company with fixed office premises, office furniture is a necessary but significant expense. The office furniture you choose will have a direct impact on employee comfort and productivity.

The impression you make on clients can hinge on the look and feel of your office space.

In this article we cover:

Buy the correct furniture at the outset

It’s vital to consult with your staff to establish their furniture requirements. Measure the office space to ensure you buy the correct size and quantity.

Only buy high-quality office furniture with a decent warranty, so you won’t have to replace furniture too frequently.

Wherever possible, buy adjustable office furniture to suit all body types. Buying bespoke furniture isn’t feasible.

Lastly, try out the furniture to test for comfort and ease of use.

Buy directly from the manufacturer

Buying direct from the manufacturer can help cut costs. You won’t have to pay mark-ups from a third-party seller to cover profits and transport costs.

A direct relationship with the manufacturer means you can get replacement chairs when needed with the same specifications and fabrics.

Lastly, imported chairs are almost always more expensive because of shipping and customs costs. Local chairs are usually more eco-friendly.

Consider total costs of office furniture budget

Don’t just look at the initial costs of furniture. Consider the quality, lifespan and if the items are a good investment.

Factor in transport costs if you aren’t in a major city. Installation costs are also an expense, especially if the office has many workstations. If you’re setting up an office, you may need to cover IT costs.

Invest in chair repairs and servicing

To get the most from your office furniture, have it regularly serviced. Repair faults immediately. Factor in maintenance costs at the start.

Maintaining and rotating your office furniture can significantly extend its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.

Consider professional office churn management

Office churn management helps businesses keep their furniture in good condition and keeps track of what needs repairing or replacing.

At K-Mark, we offer churn management and maintenance services for office furniture. We can assist with installation, relocation, reassembly, repairs and reupholstery, as well as changes to office layout and storage for spare office furniture (including rotation).

Large corporates such as Amazon, Liberty, Discovery Health, Old Mutual and Momentum use our churn management services to manage their office furniture needs.

How you can save with K-Mark

K-Mark is a proudly South African office furniture manufacturer that supplies office chairs and other office furniture to businesses of all sizes, from individuals and SMEs to large corporates.

With us you can make the most of your office furniture budget by buying direct. Contact us online or call us on 021 555 2039 to discuss your company’s furniture needs.

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