office relocation tips

Business or office relocations can be disruptive, costly and highly stressful. Here we cover practical office relocation tips that can help you simplify the process, and save time and money.

Use a professional relocations company

Often the most costly aspect of relocating a business is the disruption that this causes. Lengthy delays mean lost productivity and sometimes even a loss of potential customers.

Instead of attempting to pull off a major move on your own or outsourcing different tasks to multiple service providers, it’s a good idea to budget for the specialised services of a professional relocations company. This type of company has the knowledge, equipment and experience to move your entire business in a flash.

Plan the process

Proper planning results in fewer problems and less commotion on the day of the move. Ensure you’ve secured a definite date from the relocations company and then create a checklist of what needs to be done and when.

Tasks to include in the master plan include creating inventories of office furniture and equipment, backing up any digital information, packing personal items and settling on an exact date when employees must report for work at the new location.

Take the opportunity to make improvements

Any move is an opportunity to discard broken or obsolete furniture and office appliances; send office chairs and equipment in for repairs and upgrade to newer technologies.

There’s nothing better than starting afresh in a new location with functional, high-performance equipment and state-of-the-art office décor.

Organise paperwork

Offices tend to accumulate mounds of paperwork. Don’t be tempted to toss it all into one big box. Rather sift through it slowly and arrange it according to date, subject or when next it will be required.

Recycle any unnecessary documents and then pack the rest into clearly labelled boxes. On each label, remember to include the contents of the box and its final destination.

Consider the future

It’s important to plan new premises based on your business’s likely future needs, instead of focusing just on its current requirements. Strategic planning that takes increasing numbers of employees, workstations, communication tools and computers into account will save time, hassle and money in the future. Plan for the possible and it will, in all likelihood, become probable.

Contact K-Mark

K-Mark is a specialist office relocations company that offers a comprehensive office relocations service, including onsite project management, office chair repairs, packaging and installation and optimum configuration of your new work space. K-Mark focuses on the details too, from housekeeping to key cutting.

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