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Are you short on office space? Whether you work in a nook at home or in a business with modest premises, taking the time to organise a small office space can make it quicker, easier and more pleasant to get your work done.

Minimise workspace clutter

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One of the easiest ways to make the most of a small office is to keep things organised. Aim to keep your desk clear. Store paperwork and office supplies in desktop trays, cupboards, drawers or on shelves, and keep cables contained.

Go completely digital

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If you’re still using paper for anything at all, from tax records or invoices to company reports or copies of documents, consider whether it’s possible to switch to a fully digital approach.

Rather store information on the cloud, or locally on your computer but with suitable backups. This makes it unnecessary to take up precious office space with piles of papers, folders or filing cabinets. It may also mean you can do without a printer and printing supplies, like bulky reams of paper. It’s better for the environment too.

Go vertical

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Maximise storage space by creating vertical storage. Install shelves above your desk or from floor to ceiling on an open wall to create space for folders, books, office supplies and appliances. If you’re really short on space, you can also place shelves under your desk for additional storage.

Use a wall-mounted desk

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If your office is cramped, you can save some of the space used by a free-standing desk by installing a wall-mounted desk instead. Use a floating shelf as a desk-top, or try a specially designed wall-mounted unit. This may enable you to create a functional workspace in a small nook or even in the corner of a room.

Downsize devices

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If you haven’t already, you can save space by switching from a PC to a compact laptop, and by replacing a fax machine, phone and scanner with a single device that performs all of these functions. Other ways to downscale are to do away with cables and go wireless, and replace your desk phone with a Bluetooth headset.

Invest in space-saving furniture

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Avoid buying bulky desks, heavy tables and large filing cabinets, and instead, opt for compact furniture and items that can be folded away or stacked when they’re not needed. Mobile furniture is also a good choice –tables, desks and chairs on wheels can quickly and easily be moved around or packed away.

Do away with partitions

small office space office partitions

Compartmentalisation can be a space-waster in a small office. Rather do away with any cubicles or partitions. If you require private space for meetings, buy collapsible screens, which take up minimal storage space and can be used only when needed.

Add hidden storage

hidden storage for small office spaces

To create more storage without sacrificing floor space, buy tables and desks with hollow space inside. Look for desks with flip-tops, and coffee tables and benches with internal storage compartments. Some types of seating also include built-in drawers for storage.

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