writing a office relocation letter

With the logistics and stresses of relocating an office, it’s easy to forget one simple, but important task – let your business associates, suppliers, customers and bank know that you’re moving!

The traditional method of disseminating the news is through a personalised office relocation letter. Ideally, you’ll want to send the letter out at least three weeks before you move. This will give your clients and suppliers sufficient time to make a note of the change of address, and, if necessary, re-schedule any appointments.

To help you ensure a smooth transition, we’ve provided a couple of tips regarding the contents of the letter. We’ve also supplied a free office relocation letter template you can customise and use.

It’s worth noting that it can pay to write slightly different letters for different kinds of intended recipients.

For banks and service providers

Keep the letter short, sweet and fact based. There’s no need to mention why you’re relocating, simply that you are. This type of letter is primarily to inform the bank, the city, Telkom and the ISP of your new contact details for billing purposes.

For business associates

When informing business associates and competitors of your new address, you’ll want to put a positive spin on the move. Tell them you are relocating to accommodate growth, not to save money. This will imply business is booming…whether it is, or not.

For customers

When writing to your customers, focus on the advantages they’ll enjoy at the new premises. You might refer to a larger floor space, more comfortable furnishings, private undercover parking area or improved accessibility.

If your business handles walk-in customers, also identify any prominent landmarks and train and bus stations located nearby. Include a map and written directions from major highways and arterial roads.

For suppliers

In a letter to your suppliers, start off by thanking them for their past services. Articulate the hope your business relationship will continue at the new premises. Assure them that it’s business as usual, but if you are downscaling, be sure to mention that fact.

What else?

In addition to compiling different letters for different audiences, remember to highlight your new contact details on your website and mobile app. Also erect signage at your old offices, directing potential walk-ins to the new address.

It’s a good idea to send out a follow-up email a couple of days before the move, urging recipients to update their records.

Finally, invite your important clients, suppliers and business associates to an opening function at your new premises, to help ensure that your business will continue operating like a well-oiled machine.

Free template: office relocation letter

The template that follows is ideal for sending customers and business associates. (Keep the letter to your bank and suppliers briefer, and end by directly asking that they update their records with your new details). Customise the contents of the following template to suit your needs.

Name of company

Current address


Postal code


Receiver’s address


Postal code

Dear (name of client or business associate),

It is our pleasure to inform you that we are relocating to new, smarter business premises on (date of move).

Our new premises are at (new address).

Our contact numbers remain the same, (contact numbers including area code), and you can continue to email us at (company email address).

Our new premises are near (relevant landmark) and offer (details of improved facilities, such as more comfortable meeting rooms and/or better parking facilities).

Please contact us with any questions you may have concerning our new location or our services. We look forward to (serving you/continuing to work with you) at our new address.


(Printed name)


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