outsourcing office facilities management

It’s easy to underestimate the planning, physical work and know-how involved in making sure that an office environment continues to meet a company’s needs.

Like a home, an office is subject to wear and tear, and has to be properly maintained if it’s to function properly and continue looking like a professional space. Also, a business isn’t static. Especially in a larger company or corporate environment, business needs and staff change often – and this means that the physical setup of an office has to change also.

In a business, the last thing staff want is to waste time hauling furniture around, struggling with broken furniture or faulty locks, setting up meeting rooms or packing up and moving workstations every time someone leaves.

For this reason, increasing numbers of South African companies are realising the benefits of outsourcing office facilities management.

Benefits of outsourcing office facilities management

Outsourcing office facilities management to a company that specialises in providing this function can have several advantages. These include:

  • minimised disruption to staff
    Professionals will make certain that office relocations, internal office moves, staff changes and needed repairs have as little impact on business operations as possible, with little to no downtime or productivity loss. For example, this involves meeting needs that arise quickly and efficiently. It can also involve executing physical moves or repairs after business hours.
  • quick, professional installations
    A company with the appropriate experience and skills can install office furniture and partitions efficiently and according to plan, resulting in faster, less stressful moves and office upgrades.
  • improved company security
    Professional handling of office churn, with locks changed and workstations dismantled as soon as departing employees leave, can improve company security.
  • expert office furniture maintenance and repairs
    Expert maintenance can extend the life of office furniture and ensure that an office environment continues to make a good impression on clients, job candidates and existing staff. It also leaves staff free to focus on their jobs, instead of on details like broken drawers or malfunctioning chairs.

K-Mark’s services

K-Mark has over a decade of experience in managing the office facilities of large South African companies. Our onsite teams handle every aspect involved in keeping offices running smoothly, from planning and executing large office moves to making minor repairs, as soon as they’re needed.

Among the leading companies that have chosen to outsource office facilities management to K-Mark are Old Mutual, Metropolitan Health, Liberty, Discovery Health and Amazon.

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